The Mark Time Awards

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Photos from the long history and future of the Mark Time Awards.
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Mark Time Award winners at Convergence in 2011
Front row: Kris Markman (Great Northern Audio), Brian Price (Great Northern Audio), Eline Hoskins (Audio Epics), Scott Hickey (The Grist Mill), Samantha Mason (Aural Stage), Matthew Boudreau (Aural Stage). Second Row: Jerry Stearns (Great Northern Audio), Domien de Groot (Audio Epics), Fred Greenhalgh (Final Rune Productions), Cayenne Chris Conroy (Teknikal Diffikulties). Back Row: Jack Ward (Sonic Society), Jeffrey Adams (Icebox Radio Theater), Jonathan Mitchell (The Truth), Sue Grandise (TekDiff).
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for Science Fiction Audio Theater
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Mark Time himself
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Fred Greenhalgh accepting his Ogle Award for Waiting for a Window.
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A Mark Time Award plaque