The Mark Time Awards

Mark Time Award Winners

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Over the many years that these awards have been given, here is a complete list of all the winners.
  • The best in Science Fiction Audio Theater, since 1996. Named for the Mark Time character, created by the Firesign Theatre circa 1970.
  • The best in Fantasy and Horror Audio Theater, since 1998. Named for Charles Ogle, the actor who played the monster in Edison's 1910 silent film, Frankenstein.
  • The new award for the best in Mystery and Detective Audio Theater, since 2015. Named for the Nick Danger character created by the Firesign Theatre in 1967.
  • Other Awards

    The Betty Jo Prize, the Bradshaw, and the Runyon Award, new in 2015.
  • Given for lifetime achievement in aspects of production and support of science fiction and fantasy audio theater.
  • Celebrating those excellent productions of science fiction and fantasy audio theater from before there were Mark Time Awards.