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2018 Mark Time Awards Entry Now Open


The Mark Time Awards are open for submissions for the 2018 competition. The MTAs recognize the best audio theatre productions in the genres of science fiction (Mark Time Award), fantasy and horror (The Ogle Award), and mystery/detective (The Danger Prize). The Runyon Award is open to a production in any of the competitive categories, produced by youth under 18 years of age. This year’s 2018 competition offers a new category for best comedy—The Squeeky Pickle Prize.

The Betty Jo Award is given to the best acting performance among the winning submissions, at the judges’ discretion and The Bradshaw is awarded out of competition, for “services to the field,” to an individual or group for outstanding contributions to the advancement and preservation of audio theatre arts. In its fourth year presenting at the HEAR Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, the Mark Time Awards celebrates its 22nd year of honoring good work in the audio medium. As a legacy project of the Firesign Theatre (, the awards encourage creative use of the audio arts encompassing skillful use of writing, voice performance, sound effects, acoustic environments, musical elements, and technological tools of the trade. Both “live radio” performances and studio-based productions are eligible for consideration, so long as the entry has premiered to the public via broadcast or digital platforms between May 1, 2016 and May 1st, 2018.

The judging panel is made up of the surviving members of the Firesign Theatre family, the original founders of the Mark Time Awards, previous winners of the awards, and other professionals in the spoken-word, broadcast, podcast, and audio arts community.

New application guidelines and process are available at The deadline for submissions has been extended to April 20th, 2018 with announcement of finalists no later than May 4th, 2018. Winners will be announced June 7 at the
HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City, MO.

For questions, email with “Mark Time Awards” in the subject line, or call 360-331-2813, 9-5 PT.

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The Mark Time Awards will not be open to competition until January 2018.  All works  produced between June 30th 2016 and December 31st 2017 will be eligible for consideration. 

Entry  submissions will be accepted between January 1, 2018  and  March 1, 2018.

The 2017 Mark Time Awards will be given by the surviving members of the Firesign Theatre, David Ossman and Phil Proctor, to individuals whom they wish to recognize for contributions to the group's legacy.

Return to this site closer to the deadline in 2018 for updated application information and entry forms.

Thank you for your continued interest.

Mark Time Awards - 2016

Winners of the 2016 Mark Time Awards Announced


KC Paseo Students Standout at HearNow Audio Festivals

Otherworld Media Executive Director Receives Corwin Award for Life Time Achievement

KANSAS CITY, MO – June 9-12, 2016– The 20th Annual Mark Time Awards for excellence in genre audio theatre were presented June 9, 2016 at the HearNow Audio Festival in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Mark Time Awards are a collaborative legacy project of the four-man comedy group The Firesign Theater and internationally renowned arts and educational production company Otherworld Media. They share a mission to promote the audio arts to a new generation of writers and producers, while rewarding audio theater producers currently striving for excellence in the medium. Firesign celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2016, while Otherworld Media’s Executive Director Judith Walcutt has received the Norman Corwin Award Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring her 35 years as a writer, producer, and director in audio arts and education. The two forces––Firesign and Otherworld–– remain committed to promoting the sound arts across generations and genres.

Firesign’s David Ossman hosted the Awards and a number of winners were able to attend and accept their recognition in person. The first winner of the evening,
Renee Pringle of National Public Radio and a guiding hand in many award-winning independent productions was presented with the Bradshaw for Service to the Field, honoring her for “Artistry in Engineering.” The Bradshaw is named in memoriam for the famous character played by Firesign’s Peter Bergman, acknowledged founder of the Firesign Theatre, who passed away in 2012. The prize honors those in the sound-driven media who have made a difference in the art form.

The Ogle Award, named for Charles Ogle, the first portrayer of Frankenstein’s Monster on screen, is given in two categories, Horror and Fantasy. The Gold Ogle for Horror went to “The Masque of the Red Death,” produced and directed by William Dufris, who accepted in person. The Silver Ogle was won by “To The Manor Borne by Robots, Episode 5,” written, produced and directed by John Eder.

Winning the Silver Ogle for Fantasy was “
The Springheel Saga: The Secret of Springheel’d Jack,” from London’s Wireless Theatre Ltd., producers Jack Bowman, Mariele Runacre Temple and Robert Valentine.

The Mark Time Award for Science Fiction, named for one of Ossman’s Firesign characters, was won by Jonathan Mitchell of New York City, who was also named Producer of the Year for a trio of short pieces, “Visible,” “The Last Job,” and “Santa For President.” He appeared via Skype. In addition, Tom Ligon, in the role of Santa, won the Betty Jo for Best Actor. The Betty Jo honors Firesign’s Phil Proctor, man of many voices.

The Silver Mark Time went to the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company for “
The War of the Worlds: The Untold Story,” produced by David Benedict.

Additional Finalists were John Holland for “
The Cure,” Marty Durlin and KZMU, Moab, Utah for “Downtown Abbey, Episode 3: Denial in So Many Forms,” and Pete Lutz and Pulp-Pourri Theater for “The DNA Pit.”

The Nick Danger Prize honors Firesign’s Phil Austin in memoriam and his immortal character, known for his “third eye.” It is awarded for the best in mystery and noir detective genres. The judges withheld the Gold and Silver awards this year, since no entrant met  the necessary production values and criteria. There was a single Finalist, “Brass – A Steampunk Adventure Serial” from Battleground Productions, Seattle, written and directed by John Longenbaugh, sound design and production by Nick Abercrombie.

New Award for Audio Comedy Launched

Ossman announced a new prize for Audio Comedy, called
The Bozo Knows, open for entries in 2017. Information on entries and the Mark Time Awards history, previous prize-winners, Grandmasters, and Hall of Fame can be found at

The Awards Ceremony was held as part of an Otherworld Cabaret, which featured high school students from the Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts where the Mark Time SoundPlay audio workshop is in its second year of production classes and activities. Youth participants presented four short original audio plays which were written, performed, and sound designed by them, as part of the Mark Time Awards performance. Members of the 2016 Mark Time Academy included Carissa Stevens, Mel Jones, Kaden Vladimir, Travon Wainwright, Mahryn Barron, Trail White, Ethan Anissy, Marcus Robertson, and Kahlil Odums.

Young audio artists of the Paseo SoundPlay Workshop will be seen again as part of the Future Stages Festival at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, June 26th at 3 p.m. on the outdoor stage.

The Mark Time Awards and SoundPlay Workshops are made possible by a grant from the Leo Gilbert Wetherill Foundation with additional support from the Board of Directors of Otherworld Media.


Judith Walcutt
Executive Director
Otherworld Media
360-331-2813 land 253-740-1862 cell

Finalists for the 2016 Mark Time Awards

Winners will be announced at the Mark Time Awards, June 9th, 2016, 9 p.m.  to 10 p.m. hosted by David Ossman in the Grand Ballroom of the KC Plaza Holiday Inn, at the HearNow Audio Arts Festival, in Kansas City, Missouri, June 9th to the 12th.  For more information about the festival  go to 

Finalists are currently being reviewed by our distinguished panel of judges. Winners will be played back as part of the HearNow Festival, Friday, 3 p.m. at the Plaza Cinemark Movie Theatre.


The Cure
Jon Holland /
The Theater in Your Mind (Ponder, Texas)

To The Manor Borne By Robots Episode 5 – Who’ll Stop Lorraine
John Eder (Los Angeles)

The Springheel Saga: The Secret of Springheel’d Jack
Jack Bowman /
Wireless Theatre (London)

Santa For President
Jonathan Mitchell /
The Truth (NY NY)

The Masque of the Red Death
William Dufris /
Pocket Universe Productions (Portland, Maine)


Visible” and “The Last Job
Jonathan Mitchell /
The Truth (NY NY)

Downtown Abbey, Episode 3, Denial In So Many Forms
Marty Durlin /
KZMU (Moab UT)

The War of the Worlds: The Untold Story
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company


BRASS: A Steampunk Adventure Serial, Pts. 1 and 2
John Longenbaugh /
Battleground Productions (Seattle)

Pete Lutz /
The Narada Radio Company

2015 Mark Time Award Winners

2015 Mark Time Awards Presented
At Hear/Now Festivals

KANSAS CITY, MO–June 12, 2015–T
he Mark Times Awards given annually to the best audio theatre in the Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery genres were announced tonight at The Heartland Theater in Kansas City. The ceremony was held as part of the National Audio Theatre Festivals’ HEAR/Now gathering, now in its third year in the Kansas City.

The presenting organization of the awards,
Otherworld Media, with funding from the Leo Gilbert Wetherill Foundation has moved the ceremony from Minneapolis, where it had been held for seventeen years at CON-vergence, the long-established science fiction convention, to Kansas City as part of the HEAR/Now Festival for the Audio Arts and where it is launching a national education initiative in the audio arts.
Mark Time Awards-2015
Ceremony host, David Ossman, founding member of the Firesign Theatre and whose original character “Mark Time” gave the awards their name, reminded the audience that the awards are intended to honor the art form of which the Firesign Theatre is a key proponent. All sorts of genres, satires, pop culture, and works of the surreal imagination lend themselves to the art and craft of the audio medium, he said, and were the basis of the Firesign’s unique production style and humor. The Mark Time Awards, Ossman stated, are a way to honor that legacy.

Paseo Academy Receives First Runyon Youth Award

Demonstrating their commitment to training and educational youth outreach on behalf of the medium, the presentation of the Mark Time Awards was preceded by performances with members of the Mark Time/SoundPlay production workshops conducted at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts in Kansas City, by Otherworld Media producer Judith Walcutt in cooperation with Paseo faculty David Luby and Chris Odam, with additional technical and material support from the Wetherill Foundation.

Three short plays, a noir mystery “Stunning Blonde” by Etham Anissey, a horror piece, “The Affliction” by Carissa Stevens, and the Sci-Fi inspired “Death Battle Three” by Isabela Coleman and Zhyesia Jameson, were done live, with live Foley and sound design. Three solo voice pieces with sound elements, “Enigma” by Mushelle White, “Whispers” by Jordan Stewart, and “Gates of Heaven” by Byron Hyde, along with Eishenae Goldsby’s “We’re Doomed,” in which all voices and effects had been accomplished with smart phone apps, filled out the half-hour program.

The students from Paseo included Ethan Anissey, Isabella Coleman, Eishenae Goldsby, Byron Hyde, Zayesia Jameson, Ellia Johnson, Marcus Robertson, Keylisha Nelson, Khalil Odums, Miguel Ornelas, Elena Parker, Carissa Stevens, Jordan Stewart, Trayvon Wainwright, Mushelle White, and Ignacio Zollar.

The student production unit was awarded the first
Runyon Award for Youth Audio Production for their work. The trophy was accepted by the students and their Paseo mentor, David Luby.

Mark Time Award Winners

Following the live performance, host David Ossman announced the winners of the Mark Time Awards, in all categories.

Gold Mark Time went to “The Futurologist,” produced by Eliza Smith and Leon Morimoto, Snap Judgment Productions, Oakland, California.

Silver Mark Time was awarded to producer Dieter Zimmermann, Protophonic Productions, Cape Town, South Africa.

Finalist certificates went to “Voyager Found,” produced by Jonathan Mitchell of New York and “To The Manor Borne by Robots,” produced by John Eder of Los Angeles.

Gold Ogle for Horror was taken by Jonathan Mitchell for “Sylvia’s Blood,” and the Silver by “Clones In The Closet,” produced by Jon Holland for The Theater In Your Mind. Holland was in Kansas City to accept the award.

In the
Fantasy category, the Gold Ogle was awarded to “Alba Salix, Royal Physician,” produced for Forgery League in Toronto, Canada by Eli McIlveen, who was also present at the ceremony.

Ogle Award Winners

Two additional
Ogle Finalists included “A Prophets Guide,” produced by Matthew Boudreau, Aural Stage Studios, Buffalo, New York, and “A Journey With Strange Bedfellows,” produced by Forest Rose and Final Rune Productions of Monument, Colorado. The executive producer, Jan C. Jones was present to accept the award.

Nick Danger Prize Winners

The first
Nick Danger Prizes, so named for the well-known Firesign character made famous by Phil Austin, were awarded in a very close contest. The Gold went to “The Audio Adventures of Big Dan Frater, Volume 1,” produced by Larry Blamire, Brian Howe and Alison Martin. Brian Howe acceptd the Prize by telephone. The Silver Nick Danger for “Blues For Johnny Raven,” produced for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company by David Benedict, who also was in the theatre for the Awards.

Betty Jo Award

Betty Jo Award for Outstanding Performance by an Individual went to Seth Lind for his performance as Spark in “Naughty or Nice,” and the Betty Jo for Ensemble Performance was taken by Chet Siegel and Peter McNerney for their work in Jonathan Mitchell’s “Voyager Found.” The Betty Jo honors Firesign’s Phil Proctor, creator of many characters male and female, including Nick Danger’s girlfriend, also known as “Nancy.”

Bradshaw Award

The last Award, another new addition for 2015, honoring Firesign Theatre’s founder Peter Bergman, is the
Bradshaw, named after Peter’s signature character “Lt. Bradshaw” in the Nick Danger series. The Bradshaw is awarded for Service To The Field. Stage, radio and television actor Gary Sandy presented the Bradshaw to Foley Artist Tony Brewer, honoring him as “SFX Master of the Universe.”

Judith Walcutt, Executive Producer of the Mark Time Awards and Executive Director of Otherworld Media, had a final prize to give – the
Mark Timekeeper – to Sue Zizza, the executive producer of HEAR/Now, the Audio Fiction & Arts Festival which included the Mark Time Awards in its weekend schedule. The Timekeeper – a wall-sized wall-clock with Mark Time’s image as drawn by renowned illustrator William Stout – honored Sue’s long-time administration of the National Audio Theatre Festivals.

See all the Mark Time Awards winners on this site.

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